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Tue, 15 May 2007

Starting a text-mode Debian install using the virtual serial port (VSP) via an ssh connection to iLO 2

That's a mouthful. We had a customer asking for information on this, so I did a couple screen captures using byzanz to demonstrate.

The first shows howto setup a system to do bios over serial. I did this w/ the remote java console, but you can also do this locally on the system (or the ActiveX console I suppose, but I've never tried this myself). In brief, you need to choose a serial port to map to the VSP (I use COM2 aka ttyS1), and tell the system to redirect the BIOS to the same serial port at your desired baud (115200 in this example).

The second shows me initiating an ssh session, setting up a virtual cd-rom, and booting the debian installer. Of course you could use local media or even PXE boot. But either way you need to tell the installer to direct its console to the same port that you've configured as the VSP and at the same baudrate (console=ttyS1,115200n8 in this example).

Note that if the screen goes blank after attempting to boot from the CD it is likely that the installer is displaying a graphical splash screen. Simply hit F1 to transitition to a text-mode help screen.

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